We are proud to share the following success story from our QLD team:

One of our QLD clients was experiencing a high number of break-ins so our team completed a thorough security review and installed the Guardview Videofied System.

At 2025 one night, two people were viewed on the cameras, and within 3 minutes, the nominated client contact, the police and Southern Cross Protection patrol officer Rosey received a phone call from the monitoring centre, advising of the footage and confirming the people seen.

Patrol officer Rosey attended the site within 20 minute and met a K9 patrol police officer at the entry gate. She allowed entry of the premises to the officer, who discovered the two people on site that had gained entry via a hole cut in the fence, and had broken into the sales office and started to gather up computers and other equipment.

When they were arrested by the police officer, the pair lead the officer to a vehicle that was parked on the outside of the fence line, where he discovered a boot full of already stolen items.

The result: one very happy customer!

We are extremely proud of our QLD team who helped secure the client’s site and allowed them to rest easy knowing our 24/7 security team had their back.