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Security Solutions & Advice for Security Convergence

Security Convergence – Modern Security Solutions



It used to be that physical, operational and cyber security were managed in isolation. However, criminals, activists and competitors don’t think that way and are becoming more sophisticated. They will use any vulnerability to gain access to your premises. There are plenty of examples that by breaking through your access control, criminals gain access into your premises and then directly tamper with your servers or operational systems. This means your IT and Operations need to be thinking about a complete security solution.

While traditionally security is about protecting the perimeter, a significant number of breaches are occurring due to internal threats. A disgruntled employee or a contractor that has not been fully vetted are already inside your organisation and present a real threat.

Do These Insights Reflect Your Organisation’s Experience?

  • 41% of organisations surveyed endured a ‘major’ attack in the past three years alone
  • 45% of incidents were sparked by staff clicking on malicious mail attachments
  • Only 43% of organisations say they are ‘well prepared’ and just 30% plan to spend more on security.

In the past security was like rugby – you had a clear defensive line (a perimeter) that you defended with fences, access control and security officers (physical security) and firewalls (cyber). As technology rapidly advances many things from pace makers and power stations are being connected to the internet and governed by software that is vulnerable to crooks and terrorists. The defensive line – the perimeter is now more like an interconnected web – more like an AFL team with no clear attack and defence – everyone is a perimeter!

As people, businesses and communities become more dependent on technology, the risks will rise. “Converged” crime is the phrase that’s been widely used to describe exploitation of web (cyber) vulnerabilities to commit physical crimes. Indeed we are also seeing examples where physical crimes are being committed to enable a large scale cyber-crime – it cuts both ways.

Handing IT (information technology) and OT (Operational Technology) / Physical Security separately is like two teams building a bridge from both sides hoping that they will meet in the middle. Companies end up living with the failure and are exposed to huge operational and security risks. In this picture the problem is obvious – in real life however these vulnerabilities (the gap) are often harder to spot.

Criminals, activists and terrorists deploy resources – on a large scale – looking for these gaps in organisation’s security. They look for ways to use cyber to penetrate – a really simple example could be hacking into a company’s computer system to turn off the alarm system or disable the CCTV so they can then commit a burglary.

Unified Solutions, Powerful Results

It’s important that your physical and informational security methods, procedures and safeguards are not designed in isolation. This can leave you open to vulnerabilities, and it is sensible to build them together as a unified, integrated and powerful security solution. Doing so provides you with:

  • A single, streamlined way to manage and track all users and permissions to both your digital and physical systems
  • Allows you to better control and access policies regarding who, what and where users can access information or systems
  • Helps manage and create better privacy measures
  • Provides an auxiliary authentication measure over and above traditional authentication
  • Extract greater value and ROI from traditional systems and information, such as time stamps and geolocation data
  • Immediate management of all access rights, eliminating vulnerabilities due to time delays
  • Improved coordination of resources and employees in the case of emergencies

There are Solutions to This New Challenge

Southern Cross Protection is working with leading companies around the world to address the changes occurring in modern security. There are solutions that work with your existing legacy systems that bring together physical, operational and IT security. Bringing the three parts together, combined with artificial intelligence, delivers a new way to prevent and protect your business. Internal threats can be managed through an integrated solution that manages the risks to ensure the business is protected at all times.


  • The value of your data
  • Where it is
  • Who has access to it
  • Who is watching it
  • Your ability to respond to an incident

Speak to an Expert

It is important you think about how your organisation can benefit from a security solution that develops your traditional and informational security systems into a coherent security solution. To discuss how security convergence can complement and reinforce your business, call us on 1300 136 102 or enquire online.