Toowoomba’s Professional Security Company

We exist to protect you, your people and your assets, allowing your organisation to grow and prosper.

Security Services

Southern Cross Protection Toowoomba is part of Southern Cross Protection, a national full-service security company with over 90 years’ experience.

Risk Advisory

Tailored risk mitigation and security strategies to identify and address security threats relevant to your organisation.

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Security Patrols

Over 16,000 security patrols each night, providing invaluable protection to businesses and communities nationwide.

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Security Guards

Our qualified, licensed, and diligent security guards are available 24/7 for a wide variety of roles, locations and events.

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Alarm Monitoring

Our 24 hour, 365 day alarm monitoring and rapid response times deliver genuine asset protection for your business.

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Loss Prevention

Solve your business’ retail crime, theft and shrinkage problems with our trusted, tailored loss prevention solutions.

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CCTV / Access Control

Improve employee safety and operational effectiveness with customised, intelligent electronic security strategies.

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Cash Logistics

Secure and insured cash collection and transport services to reduce your exposure to robberies and vulnerabilities.

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Security Convergence

Build enterprise resilience with an integrated cyber and physical security plan customised to your business needs.

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About Us


Southern Cross Protection Toowoomba

When your business, organisation or community needs a comprehensive security service drawing on experience and delivered with consistency, then you need Southern Cross Protection Toowoomba.

We have extensive experience in managing major guarding projects in the region, including the Toowoomba Regional Council’s Garnet Lehmann Detention Basin Project, and the Amanda Drive Project. 

Need a dependable solution for protection and safety? Call Southern Cross Protection Toowoomba today on 1300 136 102 or contact us online for a free quote or consultation. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and the services most suitable to your industry or needs.

  • Andrew Milligan
    Andrew Milligan Operations Manager

    Andrew has been in the security industry for almost 20 years. In that time, he has performed mobile patrols, armed static and unarmed static guard work, plain-clothed cash-in-transit, crowd control, CCTV monitoring and private investigation work. Andrew is licensed with a Class 2 Security Guard Licence, with Unarmed Guard, Cash-In-Transit, Crowd Control and Monitoring modules on this licence. He became a Southern Cross Protection Licensee in December 2015, and he prides himself in providing excellent customer service and the ability to think on his feet in high-pressure situations. Andrew loves all sorts of motorsports, with bikes being his passion. He owns both road and dirt bikes to enjoy in his spare time.

  • Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher Senior Supervisor

    Mark was a truck and bus driver for almost 30 years. He then decided that there was more to life than working all the time, and that he needed a better work-life balance. Mark found himself undertaking a security course and obtaining his professional license. He started working in pubs and clubs doing crowd control, and then moved onto mobile patrol work, where he stayed for 2 years. Mark came to Southern Cross Protection Toowoomba as a full-time patrol officer, where he is now the senior supervisor.

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