Dependable and Practical Loss Prevention

loss-prevention-1Does your business need an ongoing way to minimise losses due to theft, scams and other vulnerabilities? Every year, especially around busy holiday periods, retailers, wholesalers and distributors across Australia lose thousands of dollars of stock, assets and property.

Southern Cross Protection’s loss prevention specialists partnering with you will reduce incidents of theft and provide an ongoing relationship that keeps you ahead of the trends and methods used by criminals. This ongoing loss prevention is tailored to your retail needs using a combination of uniform, coverts, CCTV, and other tools to ensure profit protection and a return on your investment.

Working along the supply chain we can provide security solutions and advisory services to prevent loss and improve profits.

Threats, Thefts and Vulnerabilities

loss-prevention-2In retail there is an unfortunate threat in the form of career criminals. They are well versed in all number of tricks, from credit card fraud, using shop’s blind spots to subtly steal items and hiding in crowds of ordinary customers to hide their criminal activities. And, unfortunately, at other times it is the internal resources doing the stealing.  With specialists in the industry our solution will identify and suggest the best of class store format to eliminate or prevent these thefts.


Training and Selection – The Southern Cross Protection Difference

Our guards undergo a careful selection and training program. All our guards have been thoroughly vetted with a police background check, reference checking and probity clearances. They are trained in the necessary skills to perform their duties in compliance with AS/NZS4421:2011 best practice protocols. This means all our security guards and patrol officers work to a high standard and with diligence and dedication.

Secure Your Property in a Hassle Free Way

Our loss prevention tactics provide an effective combination of security and customer service officers and technologies allowing us to:

  • Deter would be thieves
  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Conduct both uniformed and covert loss prevention
  • Supervise loading docks and deliveries

Additionally, our wide range of other security services are available in synchronised deployment for a comprehensive, integrated security solution.

Protect Your Business

For a confidential enquiry with one of our specialists contact us today on 1300 136 102 or enquire online.