The business was founded post WWI in Melbourne as the Australian Watching Company and in Sydney as the Metropolitan Night Patrol Service to provide a cost effective after hours night watchmen and security patrol service. During the 1950’s, many ex-servicemen joined the ranks, and the company soon opened in every capital city with selected regional locations, and although we now have a new name we have an enduring legacy.

A new head office was established in Melbourne named “Watching House”, and the company had many local businesses to protect each night. It was during these years that the business started to diversify and really expand its service and increase in size nationally. During the 1990’s the Australian Watching Company (later Wormald Security) and Metropolitan Security Services (owned by Mayne Nickless Ltd) were purchased by Chubb Security. After trading as Chubb Security for almost 20 years, the company divested itself off the security patrols, which were sold off and returned to being an Australian privately owned and operated company which today is known as Southern Cross Protection.

We now have the duty to carry forward the proud Australian tradition, founded by the original night watchmen. We chose Southern Cross Protection as our name because Australians have long associated the constellation with a sense of identity, comfort and place. Each night as the Southern Cross rises in the sky, our patrol officers continue the good work of protecting our customer’s assets and people just like they did 90 years ago.

Southern Cross Protection operates the largest, national security patrol network. A national footprint that is able to provide the local communities; businesses and people with a holistic, intelligent approach to security on a localised basis. Our scale creates access for all local businesses to precision technologies and risk management expertise at an affordable price. Whatever your security budget – Southern Cross Protection has an effective solution for you.