Find the Right Security Solution for Your Industry

“As is the case with all crime, prevention is better.” – Australian Institute of Criminology

Do you need a security solution to protect people, assets and profits? Does it need to be suitable for commercial locations such as retail complexes, or is it for deployment to safeguard utilities and infrastructure? Working with ATMs or bank branches? Perhaps you require security patrols that can observe and provide a physical presence around your industrial warehouses or facilities? Or advisory services, surveillance and access control and alarm responses capable of dealing with the unique requirements of your industry?

Whatever your industry or requirement our security solutions are adaptable enough to deliver exactly what you need. When you work with Southern Cross Protection you get an innovative security provider that both acts with integrity and has your best interests at heart.

Industries We Serve

With a wide range of established and acclaimed security solutions, all under one roof, we can provide the depth of service suitable to the particulars of your industry. Whether you need a security solution for:

We’ll work with you to determine the elements best deployed to address the specific risks and requirements you encounter. Our disciplined and passionate team will oversee the security of your assets, protect profits and help safeguard the wellbeing of employees, tenants and visitors.

Discuss the Service You Need

No matter your industry, Southern Cross Protection can offer solutions that work for your requirements and budget. To discuss what we can do for you contact us on 1300 136 102 or enquire online.