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Southern Cross Protection Perth is part of Southern Cross Protection, a national full-service security company with over 90 years’ experience.


We exist to protect you, your people and your assets, allowing your organisation to grow and prosper.

Security Services

Risk Advisory

Tailored risk mitigation and security strategies to identify and address security threats relevant to your organisation.

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Security Patrols

Over 16,000 security patrols each night, providing invaluable protection to businesses and communities nationwide.

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Security Guards

Our qualified, licensed, and diligent security guards are available 24/7 for a wide variety of roles, locations and events.

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Alarm Monitoring

Our 24 hour, 365 day alarm monitoring and rapid response times deliver genuine asset protection for your business.

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Loss Prevention

Solve your business’ retail crime, theft and shrinkage problems with our trusted, tailored loss prevention solutions.

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CCTV / Access Control

Improve employee safety and operational effectiveness with customised, intelligent electronic security strategies.

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Cash Logistics

Secure and insured cash collection and transport services to reduce your exposure to robberies and vulnerabilities.

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Security Convergence

Build enterprise resilience with an integrated cyber and physical security plan customised to your business needs.

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Banking and Finance

The security pressures faced by banking and financial institutions are increasing as customers’ methods of accessing and using services are evolving and broadening. Customers demand instantaneous and constant availability. In providing this you expose your systems and data to new vulnerabilities and threats from hackers, the result being potential theft, fraud, as well as downtime.

You need security monitoring and solutions that not only protect your physical assets but also offer you data security and access control. Southern Cross Protection can cater to your physical and cyber security needs, help you safeguard against emerging threats, and have plans in place for business continuity.

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Adequate security of construction sites is a critical exercise in ensuring successful project completion with minimal losses and disruptions. A professional and integrated security plan to protect your project assets is an intelligent approach to grant confidence and peace of mind to investors, stakeholders and employees.

Southern Cross Protection understands that construction sites are constantly being set up, manipulated and completed so we offer you adaptable Electronic Security solutions with rental options to accommodate temporary set ups as well as non-fixed, relocatable cameras to assist you in your ever-changing work areas.

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Educational Institutions

When you require a committed, 24 hour security presence or an integrated security service for an educational facility, Southern Cross Protection have the experience you need. As a full service security company we can combine our services into a comprehensive package that covers the security requirements of any educational institution.

We have the depth of knowledge and range of services to offer a complete solution that covers all aspects of your campus’ security needs. These services include security guards, campus patrols, lock-up, access control, CCTV and emergency planning.

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Government and Critical Infrastructure

Governments, government departments and agencies face increased security responsibilities. Not only is it important to protect facilities, infrastructure, staff and the general public, there also needs to be an emphasis on protecting digital information and having a response plan for emergency situations.

Southern Cross Protection have a national reach, meaning we can provide security systems for all levels of government, and all types of sites across Australia. We understand that governments must balance public safety, budget management and good due diligence. Whatever your security requirement, we can construct a solution that provides comprehensive and appropriate protection and safety.

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Healthcare / Aged Care

For quality healthcare security you need an integrated approach. Whether you are operating a hospital, an aged care facility or other healthcare facilities, your security requirements likely overlap. You need a way to cohesively protect your people and patients, your restricted stock and your sensitive and private records.

At Southern Cross Protection, we understand that every moment you have to spend complying with security procedures is time you could be spending treating and assisting your patients or residents. We aim to minimise this and find the right balance when protecting your staff, patients, visitors, and assets.

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Manufacturing and Industrial

Protecting facilities, equipment and personnel in manufacturing, mining, energy and other industrial activities poses many unique challenges. Across each industry, several common threats and security factors need to be addressed, including site and facility access, personnel safety, deterring criminal activity, and preparation of emergency response procedures.

Southern Cross Protection can develop and deliver a security solution that will cohesively address the security challenges you face, helping you mitigate risks, better prepare for crises, and reduce theft and other losses. We provide services Australia wide; no matter where your operations are located, you can get the security solution you need.

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Property / Facilities Management

Securing your commercial properties or facilities requires an integrated and tailored approach. Your security solution must be suitable to the layout of your property, support and not disrupt your tenants, and protect the property from unauthorised access.

Do you need to deter intruders and would-be vandals or thieves, while also reassuring staff and visitors that their working environment is fully supported, safe and secure? Will your property benefit from adding competent and modern security elements such as access control, monitored alarms and CCTV? Southern Cross Protection can be engaged to tailor a specific security solution for your property.

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Effective retail security requires incorporating several security elements into an integrated security solution that addresses your potential vulnerabilities and weak spots. Carefully designed retail security should protect your assets, be tailored and affordable to your needs and, importantly, not negatively affect the experience for your customers.

Southern Cross Protection has the depth of knowledge and a broad selection of security capabilities that can be utilised to build the retail security solution you require. This means you can trust us to deliver the level of protection you need, and you’ll be able to rest easy and get back to your core business activities.

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Transport Logistics / Wholesale

Protecting transport logistics and wholesale activities is a careful balance of meeting regulations, minimising threats, and managing disruptions to productivity. At all levels of your supply chain you need security services and technology that protect your operations from theft, tampering, and illegal activities.

Does your supply chain involve various transport vehicles, interchanges between them, and warehousing to store your assets? Do you need a security solution that can cover these various transport elements and the handovers that occur within them? Southern Cross Protection have the offerings and highly-trained security staff to meet the emerging trends and demands faced by the transport logistics and wholesale industries.

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About Us

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  • Robin Hodgson
    Robin Hodgson Regional Manager WA/SA/NT/TAS

    Robin’s Security and Military background spans 44 years. He served in the Royal Marine Commando for 10 years, serving in both operational and training units. Robin’s security background started with Wormald Security as a patrol officer in 1983, moving on to Supervisory roles and then WA Guard and Patrol Manager at Chubb Security. He joined Southern Cross Protection in 2009 as the Regional Manager for WA/SA/NT and then Regional Manager for VIC/TAS/ACT. Robin is currently the Regional Manager WA/SA/NT/TAS and is responsible for the operational success of our Patrolling, Alarm Response, Guarding and Cash In Transit Divisions. He has extensive experience in delivery of compliant, cost-effective security solutions while maintaining a safe working environment for our staff and customers. He strategically manages provision of services with a focus on business process improvement, providing strong leadership and direction to the management team.

  • Glenda Gibhard
    Glenda Gibhard Business Development Manager

    Glenda has been in the security industry for 13 years, and it is her passion. As a qualified security risk consultant, she ensures our clients are provided with cost effective, future-proof solutions. Glenda has a Sales Management Diploma, a Business Management Diploma, and Cert IV in Risk and Security Management. She is a self-driven, results-oriented person with a naturally positive outlook on life. Glenda enjoys building lasting relationships, has an extremely strong customer centric focus, and is responsible for developing value-adding security solutions that support our clients’ business goals. She also works within the company to develop our capacity to meet emerging industry opportunities and trends.

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves Service Delivery Manager - Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

    Michael has worked in the security industry since 2002 and has a military background from the Australian Army Reserves. He started in the security industry at Port Hedland (WA) where he gained security & management experience in a number of areas including Mobile Patrols, Guarding, Airport Security, Mine Site Security, Maritime Security and Cash in Transit. In 2005, Michael transferred to Perth to work for Southern Cross Protection, and between 2010 to 2015, he held the position of Patrols Branch Manager. In 2015, Michael was assigned as the Loss Prevention Manager for WA, responsible for the management of all staff and clients across our Loss Prevention and Asset Protection (guarding) contracts in WA. Michael enjoys building strong and healthy relationships with all our clients. He also understands that our front line staff are the ones who take care of our clients’ needs, hence his commitment in ensuring we have the best trained staff.

  • Brent Warren
    Brent Warren Service Delivery Manager - Patrols

    Brent is the WA Patrols Manager for Southern Cross Protection. He oversees the mobile patrol officers looking after businesses and commercial properties throughout the Perth metro, and the response to alarms. Brent began working in the security industry in 2005 with WACS Security, as an armed cash-in-transit officer. He rose to the title of Operations Manager with WACS Security, where he worked for 10+ years before it became Southern Cross Protection. Brent has been our WA Patrols Manager for the past 3 years. He is very passionate about the industry and has a focus on building relationships with staff and customers. He has undergone training to enhance his skills in leadership, communication and customer service. Brent has an eye for details and is an effective leader who places safety first and can motivate his team with an unsurpassed worth ethic. He is a father to twin girls.

  • It’s not often that I have the opportunity to recommend a service, but when the company provides great services like you do, I will recommend them whenever I can.

    Ev Belingheri
    Ev Belingheri Strata Property Manager | Perth Management Services



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