The 24th of July 2020 holds a significant meaning to us all in the security industry, being International Security Officers Day.

On this day, we take the time to thank the security officers that put themselves in harm’s way to protect the public, your assets, and convey an untold message of health and safety, allowing us all to sleep better at night knowing these amazing individuals have our most valuable assets safe in their hands.

As we all can understand, this year has been particularly difficult, facing hazardous bushfire threats, world-wide pandemic, unpredictable national protests, and more. Our officers have been on the front-line, working through these troubling times 24/7.

Please thank a Security Officer today, and play your part in recognising their positive contribution in keeping our communities safe.

The work they do is extremely meaningful and has enormous integrity. We are so proud to work in this industry and incredibly thankful that our people are so passionate about what they do!

Our team shares their heartfelt messages and thanks:

To all our security personnel in the Southern Cross Protection family and all over the world: “What you do, matters, so celebrate your day, and thank you for everything.”

Learn more about International Security Officers Day here.