Get the Accurate Intel to Uncover Fraud and Make Confident Decisions


Southern Cross Protection has over 40 years’ experience in investigations covering corporate, fraud, insurance, and workers’ compensation investigations. Furthermore, we have in excess of 25 years’ experience with Victoria Police Force, New South Wales Police Force, Queensland Police Service & ASIO.

We work closely with you on both internal and external investigations, ensuring your specific points of concern are identified, investigated and reported. Our aim is to help you take control of difficult situations and achieve the best outcome for your organisation.

Our Team of Licensed Investigators specialises in:

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Workcover Investigations

Our suite of investigative services provides clarity to corporate decision makers; we provide a broad range of corporate investigative services ranging from employee integrity, bullying and harassment, complex fraud and theft, and pre-employment background checking, utilising physical and cyber resources.


Hiring Professional Investigators will enable you to:

  • Make confident decisions
  • Validate theories
  • Recruit the right people
  • Act on proof, not hypothesis
  • Manage risk

Protect your Business

With an in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements across all of the major Australian regulatory bodies, we can be trusted to provide the support you need.

For a confidential discussion with one of our security consultants, contact us today on 1300 136 102 or enquire online.